The [cie]

Today I am announcing officially  the rise of a new aesthetic contemporary  current known as "International No talent No limit".

I invite the geniuses with or without talent  neo-current-contemporary in breaking with our current contemporary epoch to join "International No talent No limit".

No talent is the policy of the rebel applied to the "parable of the talents". No talent because in view of what the contemporary world has in store for us, we have nothing left to lose and as a result we are no longer afraid of nothing and above all not ridiculous. Once the ridiculous is admitted, a field of possibilities opens then without constraint and without limit. No talents, therefore, because we will no longer admit any unit of value or currency of exchange.

Leakage is no longer feasible. The only freedom left to us is to extricate ourselves from contemporary society through radical artistic acts. To be radical is to seize power, without waiting for improbable tomorrows that sing. So sing, scream even if necessary. To invent, from now , a playful world where rules are no longer forbidden but a game social, erotic, aesthetic,  where social  rules are necessary and desired but never obligatory. To upset the economy of domination and profit. To propose an economy of the imagination based on another education, oriented by the desire and the motivation.

"No talent no limit because art is everywhere and all the time, because art is your life and what you do with, because art does not to be a "good pupils " the artist will always be the crazy, the lazy one or he who doesn't care.

Not to be confused with "official" art, we will speak of "No art", realized by "No artist", performing "No show". In the immediate present, art does not exist, it is action. We do not refuse the past, we rely on him to start over. "To start again is never to start something again. Nor to pick up things where they had been left off. What you start again is always something else. Is always unheard of. Because it is not the past that drives us to it, but precisely what in it has not happened. "

The "art" evades the conventional device, saturates it or bursts it, preferring something else that is not circumscribed in the allowed possibilities. The "No artist" is autonomous, he does not need intermediaries to be alive. The "No show" is to end the talents, the scrapers and other decision makers of all kinds, the adepts of the tertiary art that has only produced the death of art.

We invite everyone to make his life a work of art. "No talent no limit" opens a new field of exploration, where life and art become one, where art is what it should be: a form of resistance. We do not give up contemporary society, we play with in order to finally destroy it. "No talent no limit" is not a disillusioned act but a burst of laughter in front of the contemporary world.